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Ancient Futures asks how timeless ideas – primarily from yoga and similar traditions – might shape wiser actions. It offers a mixture of critical thinking and practical insight.

I’m Daniel Simpson, the author of (among other things) The Truth of Yoga and A Rough Guide to the Dark Side. In my podcasts, writing and teaching, I facilitate dialogue that integrates opposites, and investigates answers to modern dilemmas.

There’s more about me here (once upon a time, I was a foreign correspondent). I also run courses on yoga philosophy, and an online men’s group.

Please get in touch if there’s someone in particular you’d like me to speak to, or any topic you’d like me to cover. I aim to transcend division and fuel understanding.

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I share a podcast every other Wednesday. In the weeks in between, I post writing and interviews. Everything is offered freely in return for donations, and your support helps to cover the time I devote to this work (I’m a freelancer and don’t have a salary).

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Timeless wisdom for modern dilemmas, combining practical insights and critical thinking.


I write, and host dialogues that integrate opposites and fuel understanding. My books include The Truth of Yoga and A Rough Guide to the Dark Side. My aim is to explore how timeless insights can shape wiser actions.