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Ancient Futures is about moving forwards while looking backwards without tripping up. Through a mixture of writing and interviews, it explores how ideas from the past – particularly from yoga and related traditions – might inform wiser actions.

You can find out more about the general objectives in this introductory post:

Why Ancient Futures?

Who’s behind it?

I’m Daniel Simpson – author of, among other things, The Truth of Yoga and A Rough Guide to the Dark Side. My aim with Ancient Futures is to integrate opposites and see what emerges…

Part of that involves interaction – both through podcasts and with readers. Please let me know here if there’s someone in particular you’d like me to speak to, or any topic that you’d like me to cover.

There’s more about my background here (in a previous incarnation, I was a foreign correspondent). I also run courses here on yoga history and philosophy.

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Posts are shared freely, but producing them takes time, and as I work freelance that’s unpaid. So if you like what you find, please consider upgrading to a paid subscription. I’ll eventually be offering some bonus material to subscribers.

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Daniel Simpson

I'm the author of The Truth of Yoga and A Rough Guide to the Dark Side. Through conversations and new writing, I'm exploring how to integrate opposites – and investigating what happens next.