Jul 19 • 1HR 5M

Philosophy by Numbers – Richard Rosen

Exploring yogic ideas with contemporary resonance

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Daniel Simpson
Traditional wisdom for modern dilemmas, combining yoga philosophy with critical thinking and practical insights. Hosted by Daniel Simpson.
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Greetings from Nøsen, where I’m teaching this week at the Norwegian Yoga Festival!

It’s now more than six months since I launched Ancient Futures. I started by speaking to Richard Rosen about his book, Yoga by the Numbers. Back then, I didn’t have a podcast (it’s on YouTube), so I’m sharing it here for those who missed it – and it’s well worth revisiting.


We explore the significance of numbers – from zero to 108 – and have a great chat about the meaning of yoga in contemporary terms, as well as how its teachings relate to our lives – including facing the prospect of death. We also discuss whether “yoga philosophy” sounds off-putting, and if there are other ways to highlight ideas.

You can tune in above or via podcast platforms (where ratings and reviews are very helpful if you have a moment…). Richard used to contribute to Yoga Journal, about which I wrote last week. Subscribe here on Substack for regular articles as well as podcast episodes.

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