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Relational Yoga – Ranju Roy + Dave Charlton

Relational Yoga – Ranju Roy + Dave Charlton

Exploring connections in everyday life through philosophy and practice

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How do we relate to the problem of suffering? Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body (to quote Still Ill by The Smiths)? Are there ways to get more comfortably entangled, or is the answer to renounce all attachments?

Daniel Simpson, Ranju Roy and Dave Charlton in conversation

Ranju Roy and Dave Charlton have been practising yoga since the 1980s, and teaching together for 20 years. They’re also co-authors of a book titled Embodying the Yoga Sūtra, sharing practical insights on yoga philosophy. Our conversation explores what they’ve learned about life in the process.


One recurring theme is how things are connected, and yet not necessarily “all one”. As Ranju and Dave put it in their book: “two things remain two things. They are united only in the sense of being linked and it is in their interaction and relationship that there is yoga, not in them merging together inseparably.”

We originally spoke at the start of last year, before this podcast was born, so it wound up on YouTube. I’m sharing it here for those who missed it – it’s well worth revisiting. Ranju was also a recent guest to discuss his new book, Yoga as Pilgrimage (out soon).

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