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Who Are We? – Francesca Ferrando

Who Are We? – Francesca Ferrando

The liberating power of identifying with life as a "posthuman" being

When John Donne wrote “no man is an island”, his alternative was to be “involved in mankind”. Francesca Ferrando has broader ideas. As a philosopher and “leading voice in the field of posthuman studies”, Francesca’s aim is to get us to think about life itself.

“Humans have always been posthuman,” writes Francesca Ferrando

The Art of Being Posthuman – Francesca’s new book – is a string of meditations about how to do this. Our conversation considers connections with Indian traditions, and in the process discusses (among other topics):

  • Why life is diverse, non-hierarchical and interdependent

  • Why humanity is more about relationships than individuals

  • Why people can’t say what they want, or how much is enough

  • How it helps to embrace the maxim: “my life is my work of art”

  • Whether life is a game, and if so how to play it successfully

To explore some of the overlaps between “posthuman” thinking and yogic traditions, join me for a course at An Upaniṣads immersion starts on April 29.

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