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Is This Yoga? – Anya Foxen + Christa Kuberry

Is This Yoga? – Anya Foxen + Christa Kuberry

Asking if questions are better than answers, and whether that's yoga-ish in itself...

Can anything be yoga? Or does everything crumble to dust if it’s analysed hard enough? What do you get if you cross Indian tradition with Western esotericism? Might it need a new name? Where do all these questions lead…? 🤯

Anya Foxen and Christa Kuberry

I recently discussed this, and much else besides, with Anya Foxen and Christa Kuberry, who co-wrote a book titled Is This Yoga? There are no simple answers, but asking the question can still be insightful – particularly since both authors are also practitioners. Along the way, we consider:

  • If yoga’s roots are too knotted to distinguish lotuses from waterlilies

  • How Western traditions dating back to ancient Greece echo yogic ideas

  • Whether classes called “harmonic gymnastics” would attract any students

  • What might help modern yoga preserve a connection to Indic tradition

  • How to build a dating app combining Western and Vedic astrology

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