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Collective Detox – Matthew Green

Collective Detox – Matthew Green

Facing up to workplace bullying, social trauma and climate chaos

Yoga philosophy talks about dealing with three kinds of pain. Broadly speaking, these relate to ourselves, to how we interact with others, and to powerful forces beyond our control. This podcast engages with all of them, and highlights communal approaches to healing.

Matthew Green reporting from Liberia

Matthew Green works an editor for DeSmog, an investigative website that counters climate misinformation. He also runs two Substack newsletters –

, which explores collective trauma, and , which offers advice on how to navigate challenging office environments.

I’ve known Matthew since 1998, when we both joined Reuters as trainee reporters. We discuss his transition from working in war zones to seeing how the world at large is a toxic environment, shaped by traumatised people and inhuman pressures.

We also talk about our inner potential to transcend such things – focusing closely on meditation and psychedelics, along with other therapies used to treat trauma. Tune in to face up to what troubles us, both individually and as a species!


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